health care policy and delivery system.

Select Health Policy Analysis Paper on a local, state, or federal policy that you have explored along with recommendations based upon the analysis.
Analyze and evaluate the Health Policy
Identify application of health policy into clinical
Your paper must have an Introduction and a Conclusion
Maximum of 6 pages (not including Title and Reference page).
APA format
At least 5 references within 5 years.
Paper parts:
*Introduction: Select an area of interest in which a policy was created. Discuss what is cause for the need of the health policy. For example, health insurance is a problem within the USA. The ACA bill was created and pass into law.
*background: Discuss the historical background of the health policy. For example, the person(s) who presented the bill. The committees the bill went through, and revision of the bill until it was passed into
*clinical practice: Identify application of the selected health policy into clinical practice
Implication to practice: Discuss the implication of the policy to nursing practice.
*Conclusion: All resources correctly referenced
**APA Format & Clarity of writing: APA format corrects with no more than 1-2 minor errors: Use of a minimum of six current scholarly references.
***please see rubric attached***


Approximately 250 words