High school summer program application

Application essay: Individual essays should not exceed 400 words.
Describe your academic and personal goals and how these may be further achieved by studying at our institution
during the summer.
My essay:
I want to state my hopes to be admitted to Summer Prep. Your highly recommended institution
will provide me with a great challenge to learn from scholars as I get assured to achieve my career objectives. I am
interested in pursuing a career in psychology. Specifically, I would like to focus on mental state and behavior.
My motivation for taking on a career in mental health is rooted in the important role that psychologists pursue. In
my AP Psychology course, I learned that it is an essential science that allows people to have a better understanding of each other and includes the factors that influence individual behavior. I additionally have been interested in
mental states as I have had background knowledge on it based on documentaries I have watched. The mental
state that stuck out to me was autopilot, which is when someone is zoned out. Many wrongdoings, such as drug
use, can be understood better when psychology is applied. In addition to working on Psychology, I wish to be able
to keep my GPA above 3.90. Moreover, as a Magnet student, the program is set to be academically competitive. My objective is to strive to do more than what is required. Also, I want to be well-prepared for my standardized tests to be able to get a full scholarship. My plans for college are to get accepted into an Ivy League University and get my bachelor’s degree. I want to major in neuroscience and learn more about the topics surrounding it. Ever since I was
in middle school, I always had questions about how the human body functions. Like, how is our brain linked to our
sense of self, as well as other questions. As activities, I attend a peer tutoring program and I took an interesting
course that involved working in a science lab. One of the sessions was about exploring the internal structure of a
rat through dissection. Also, a Forensic Science course one of a series that covered the different types of blood
and fingerprints that course has explained some of my questions. In Pennummer Prep, I will get the opportunity to
attend courses that my school doesn’t offer and experience college life as a high school student. The strong
passion I have for my personal development, my curiosity, and learning something in depth will help me explore and succeed academically. I look forward to your consideration.


Approximately 250 words