Business and Management

HR405: Strategic Management of HR- module 1

Human Resource Strategy and Planning
This is an exciting time for human resource professionals as they serve many different roles in an organization. One such role is that of a strategy partner who helps interpret how a business is running and forecast the human implications.
Watch these videos on the future role of human resources and the techniques used in the HR planning process. Then respond to the questions in Part 1.
First video : Whirling Chief. (2016, September 1). Future role of human resources business partner | Sesil Pir

second video: GreggU. (2018, November 13). Human resource strategy and planning

Part 1
Describe the contribution of human resources in the strategic planning of a company, and share how you think the role of HR will evolve in the future.
Please conduct additional research to support your response, citing at least one scholarly source in APA format. Your response should be well-developed and 250 words long.


Approximately 250 words