Human Resource Law

This assignment will assess Competency 3: Explore legal issues affecting the management of a diverse workforce.
Directions: Read the case of EEOC v. Management Hospitality of Racine, 666 F.3d 422 (7th Cir. 2012) summary found on page 297 in your textbook. Write a paper answering Case Questions 1 through 5.
Use topic headings to clearly identify where each question is answered in the submission.
You are required to use, and properly APA cite (in-text citation and reference), the class textbook in this assignment.
Write your responses using correct grammar, APA citations, and analysis of the situation. Content total does not include title page, or references.
Do not rewrite the fact pattern; your instructor knows this case well. You will be graded on your analysis of the situation and how well you support your analysis with both the laws and the facts.
Your analysis should be at a high level, meeting all content required in the assignment presented. All work should be completed following APA guidelines contained in the Publications Manual, 7th edition.


Approximately 250 words