Informative Speech Outline – Habits Successful People Have

This week, you will choose how you will organize your speech and develop an outline for it. Remember from your reading that the main choices for organizing your speech are typically chronological order, problem-solution order, and topical order. Outline your speech using the organization that best fits your topic.
You may outline your speech using a topic outline or a sentence outline. It is your choice.
Include the following in your outline:
In a paragraph at the top of your outline, explain which organizational approach you chose and why.
Outline your speech
Be sure to show that you have a clear introduction, a body with 3–4 main ideas or concepts and a conclusion.
You must include a complete APA Style reference list with your outline, which includes at least one academic source.
Tips for Success:
Brainstorm: List all the ideas that you want to include in your paper.
Organize: Group related ideas together.
Order: Arrange material in subsections.
Label: Create main and sub headings.
Your outline should be 3–5 pages and follow APA style and format.


Approximately 250 words