Business and Management

Innovation Management Topic – Individual Essay

This is an individual essay covering the topics for Innovation Management.
It has 2 options to choose from, and we need to discuss only 1 of them:
question 1 is:
1. What are the barriers to innovation in the workplace?
and question 2 is:
2. What can organisations do to encourage innovation?
Consider the topics covered in the lectures and seminars when planning your essay, for example: innovation networks, resistance to innovation, rewarding innovation, innovation strategy and innovation culture. You are not limited to choosing from these topics, and are welcome to consider other relevant topics in your essay too (e.g. recruiting for innovation, training, communication).
Each of these topics could be discussed as either a barrier to innovation or a way of encouraging innovation.
For example, a lack of reward for innovation could be a barrier to innovation, whilst giving rewards could encourage
It is recommended that you discuss approximately 3 topics in your essay, as well as having an introduction and conclusion. Each topic should be supported with evidence and provide a real world example which demonstrates your key points. Define key terms, use good quality sources (academic books and journal articles) to support your arguments and include critical analysis.
The rest of the Brief is uploaded as a separate file. Thank you in advance!


Approximately 250 words