Communications and Media

Interplay of Culture and Media History

Dear Writer,
Please write a high-quality Research Proposal for the degree of PhD in Media and Communication Studies, with absolutely regard to the instructions I provided for you.
First, please find an attractive, interesting Topic within the area I defined. The topic shall be unique, up to date compared with the media studies’ research trends, not-too-general, not very similar to the topics in dissertation databases, and shall bear the potential and depth for writing a PhD-level dissertation about.
Then, please write a high-quality research proposal that includes:
Research Question
Research Objectives
Literature Review
Methodology (Research Design)
Contribution to Knowledge
Time frame (Study Plan or Study Schedule)
Bibliography (Reference List); as well as any element that you think it is necessary to be added. In addition, the Study Plan or Schedule shall be about the steps and planning to be taken for completing the dissertation within 3 to 4 years.
I am personally inclined to Qualitative Methods, yet, the priority is quality, so do whatever you deem appropriate.
NOTE: Now, as for the Topic’s subject, imagine an area whose boundaries are made of the explanation I have given; please do not take this explanation as a topic itself, but rather, find a topic within this area which is explained. I am giving this explanation, so that you could assume the area and context of my research proposal, therefore, please find a topic within it.
Please avoid topics about COVID-19 or directly about LGBTQ+, yet referring to gender-related subjects would be ok.
And, first, check with me the topic you choose, and then proceed to writing it.
After Reading this, DO download the TOPIC instruction file, I have clearly explained the topic and made it easy to find.
Appreciate your efforts.
Thank you.


Approximately 250 words