Interviews/Interrogations (CJC-120-1901)

The process of interviewing and interrogating another individual can be filled with obstacles the interviewer must know how to identify and overcome.
Assignment due by the END of this module.
The attached video is a simply video of a child being “interviewed” by his parent about an action he has done. I am using this video because the actions displayed (verbal and nonverbal) by this child are natural because he is unaware he is doing them and during an interview most adult suspects will display some of the same actions that the interviewer must be cognizant of.
For this lab I want you to watch the attached video twice. The first time I want you to watch it with no sound and identify what you believe to be signs of deception. Then watch the video a second time with sound and identify what signs of deception can be heard (objection vs denial).
You will need to research the difference between what an objection is versus an outright denial. Also research some non-verbal signs of deception. Then answer the following topic areas:
1. What were the signs of deception both non verbal and verbal
2. What was the main objective of this interview (what was the primary focus of the interview)
3. How did the interviewer overcome the deceptive actions and did you think her tactic overall during the interview was appropriate?
Formatting Requirements
Headers, assignment title (middle), your name, course and section number, and date (all this needs to be at the top/middle of the first [cover] page document), and References (this word stands alone on the last page).
Use one-inch margins.
Use a 12-point Times New Roman font.
Use double line spacing in the document.
Grading Criteria See Rubric (Click on My Grades tab)
A thoughtful Lab Assignment includes:
a. Introduction
b. Body
Generate a 500-700 words document using Microsoft Word containing your thoughts, reflections, and analysis of the below listed topics. The paper must follow current APA guidelines (located in the Optional Resources tab). The page count does not include the title page, abstract, reference section, or any extra material. You can submit by clicking on LAB 1.


Approximately 250 words