Social work

Jones Case for Writing Assignment 1

Review the following documents:
• NASW Code of Ethics
• Standards of Practice 1.1 Ethical Practice
• Standards of Practice 1.16 Confidentiality and Safeguards Regarding Client, DPP Office, Program, and Facility
• Standard of Practice 1.17 Informed Consent and Release of Information
• Standard of Practice 1.18 HIV/Aids
• 201 KAR 23:080 Code of Ethical Conductment
Write 4-5 pages on the ethical concerns of the Jones Case. At a minimum, include the following sections. Each
section is worth specified points based on well you answer questions utilizing the above materials listed and
specific examples.
a. Identify at least five ethical issues/dilemmas you see in the Jones Case. Cite the Code of Ethics, SOP, and KRS
within each of the above documents that apply to each of the ethical issues/dilemmas you have identified.
b. Discuss how the identified sections of the Codes/Laws/SOP apply specifically to the five identified
issues/dilemmas. (20pts)
c. Select three of the six core values of the Social Work Code of Ethics (Service, Social Justice, Dignity and
Worth of the Person, Importance of Human Relationships, Integrity, and Competence. Discuss how you will
use each of these 3 core values to positively impact the family. Give specific examples of how you will
conduct yourself in these 3 chosen areas to support your work with the family. (40 pts.)
d. Identify three strategies that you will use to practice ethical behavior in the field. (15pts.)


Approximately 250 words