Journal Article Review Assignment

In this assignment you will critically review one (1) recent peer-reviewed article in a minimum of a five (5) pages. You may wish to
spend some time researching critical review techniques for journal articles prior to starting this assignment. At a minimum, you
should pay particular attention to the identification the premise and supporting points of the article, a synthesis of the article with
positivist school of criminology theories, and a critical evaluation of the premise(s) and supporting points of the article. The
paper must follow current APA guidelines. The page count does not include the title page, abstract, reference section, or any extra
material. See the assignment instructions and grading rubric for additional instructions and guidance.
Please adhere to current APA guidelines.
Also, I would like a draft of the assignment; please proofread for common spelling, grammatical, and punctuation errors before submitting the final assignment. (I prefer Grammarly or a similar program.)
Finally, submit a plagiarism report. Please use this website as a guide for APA 7th ed. guidelines; My school is quite strict on formatting at the Doctorate Level.
You must use the following Textbook: Snipes, J., Bernard, T., & Gerould A. (2019). Vold’s theoretical criminology (8th ed.). New York, NY: Oxford University Press. ISBN:


Approximately 250 words