Justice -Philosophy Views

Read the articles by Sen (Sen- What Do We Want From a Theory of Justice.pdf Download Sen- What Do We Want From a Theory of Justice.pdf) and Khasnabish (to be added) 04-Ch2 -proofread Khasnabish-oct.8.pdf Download 04-Ch2 -proofread Khasnabish-oct.8.pdf
The goal is today’s class is to further discuss some of the complications surrounding the idea of “justice” in discussing ethics. In particular, in a world that is full of a wide variety of inequalities, how can justice be achieved? And do we all actually believe that justice is a valuable goal, or is it simply lip service paid to an unattainable ideal that serves to maintain the positions of those in power?
In Writing: After reading Rawls, and the critiques of Rawls, what is your view of how successfully he eliminates the basic tendency of all of us to favor our “group” or “groups” when we try to behave justly? What criticisms seem correct and supportable to you, and what criticisms seem to be unfair or inaccurate? This will take you at least one full page.


Approximately 250 words