juvenile justice

This assignment is required to be completed on a Word document and uploaded/attached in week 1 assignment folder. You are required to follow APA format. If you have questions regarding APA format, please look under course information for helpful resources and/or take advantage of your student resource center. Your textbook will be used to assist you with answering these questions. If you summarize ANY section of our textbook, you are required to cite the book in your assignment and reference the book at the bottom of the assignment. You are encouraged to look for outside sources to support your stance on any of the questions pose to you below. This assignment should be AT LEAST 2 pages in length.
First, the textbook discusses three (3) different ages for delinquent juveniles in the United States. Do you think each state should universally have the same set age? Explain your stance for or against having a set age for delinquency.
Second, explain thoroughly each of the three (3) models. Within your explanation, ensure you describe any major acts, laws, or themes that were enacted.
Third, which of the three (3) models do you believe best serve the juvenile AND the community? Explain your selection. NOTE: there is a possibility that you might select different models for the juvenile and community.


Approximately 250 words