Business and Management

last part of new policy assignment

Academic writing is different from business writing. The purpose of this assignment is to create a positive message using email for two different audiences and one negative message for a third audience regarding the same, sensitive topic.
Your message for each write-up should be 200-250 words. You may submit either three separate files or one document file with a clear page separation between the three communications.
In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic severely impacted how businesses operate and communicate. For a number of months, all company employees have been working from home. Your organization feels it is now time to create a new normal by letting employees know it is time to return full-time to the office. Your leadership feels this is important for productivity and is not making it optional for employees. The new policy elements include the following:
New Policy
In the new fiscal year, all employees will need to return to the office for work.
There will no longer be an option to work from home the entire work week.
Employees will have the option to work from home one day per week, excluding Mondays or Fridays, providing no meetings or in-person presentations are scheduled that cannot be done through video conferencing.
Employees who refuse to return to work will need to connect HR directly to discuss their decision.
The organization will also begin providing daily continental breakfast and coffee in the morning for employees.
This is a company-wide change and there will absolutely be no exceptions.
Separation Communication Task: Communicate to Noncompliant Employees
For your final task, create a professional email communication to inform a group of employees that their employment with the organization will be terminated as a result of noncompliance with the new policy change that was previously implemented.
The Christian faith seeks to exercise compassion, justice, and concern for the common good. In your communication responses you developed, how do you believe one or more of these principles is evident?


Approximately 250 words