Law and Justice Career Assignment

Career Assignment 2
Identify and list four law enforcement agencies. One must be a city agency, one a county agency,
one a state agency and one a federal agency. For each one do the following (do not cut and paste
1. For each agency summarize the minimum job qualifications for an entry-level position as a
law enforcement officer.
2. For each agency summarize the general hiring process for a law enforcement officer.
3. For each agency summarize the training required after hire for a law enforcement officer.
Then in at least 200 words note if you are interested in working in law enforcement and
explain why or why not (no I am not but please just make stuff up, I’ll attach a brief synopsis
of who I am and your embellishment is more than welcome.)
I’m in my early twenties, I love true crime and hate the injustices in policing and the justice
system in general. I want to work with the non profit organization that aims to free innocent
people from prison and prevent wrongful convictions- called The Innocence Project.
Did you know roughly 1 in 8 people on death row are innocent? I’m motivated by creating a fair and
equitable future for everyone. There is immenseBias when it comes to minorities and people of color in the
justice system. If I had a career path in Law and Justice I would use it to help the people. I would help change
laws that protect hurting innocent people (like the gay panic defense). I just want to help the people
that aren’t as privileged as I am (I am white and racial bias is terribly common.)


Approximately 250 words