Business and Management

Lesson 2 Assignment

Your mother is ill with diabetes, and you can’t afford her medicine. In the pharmacy one day, you notice the previous customer forgot that same prescription on the counter when she left. Why might the premise that the ends justify the means lead you to steal the pills?
Why might the premise that the means justify the ends lead you to return the pills?
Bernie Madoff was very good—though obviously not a perfect—fraudster. He got away with a lot for a long time. How could the duty to develop one’s own abilities be mustered to support his decision to become a criminal?
In the Madoff case, what duties could be mustered to refute the conclusion that he did the right thing by engaging in fraud?
Madoff gave up most of his money and possessions and went to jail for his crimes. Is there anything else he should have done to satisfy the ethical duty of reparation?


Approximately 250 words