Leucippus and Democritus –

Discussion Assignment (250 – 500 words): Chapter 2: Atoms, are they real? Although the chapter provides a brief overview of the nature of atoms, elements and compounds, it is really a synopsis of the history of the birth of modern chemical theory. Imagine, the scientists developed a basic understanding of the nature of the atom without the benefit of modern technology. No x-ray spectrographs, cyclotrons, mass-spectrographs, electron microscopes or even digital analytical balances. They managed the development of the models of the atoms by simple observations of observable chemical reactions and noted changes in masses and volumes. Today’s atomic models have not changed much since those early days. Choose one of the topics listed below to research and post under the Unit 2 discussion postings. First “stake your claim” to a topic by posting the name or title under Unit 2 discussion. I know there will be duplicate topics, but I’m hoping to see no more than 5 per topic. After “staking your claim” (choose early), research your topic by reviewing the textbook and searching the internet. Use Google or any other internet engine to find information on one. I have included suggested links to some of the topics. Find other links. Write a summary or short description of your research. Include citations. Your posting must be at least 250 words and no more than 500. Post your summary as a reply to your original “staked claim”. That groups them together for me. DO NOT PLAGIARIZE (I can find out). Use your own wording. If you use a quote, cite it then talk about it (that increases your word count). Type the text in a Word then copy and past to the discussion. This will let you check your spelling and grammar. Be sure to check the word count with your word processor.


Approximately 250 words