Literary Analysis & Memoirs

Your response this week is two parts.
First, do an analysis of Lara Adair’s speech. Do you agree with what she says? Does it match what you read about in the Memoir chapter? Can you think of a memoir (whether book or movie) that aligns with or diverges from what she says? Remember to analyze and not just summarize.
Second, after reading the Review chapter on pages 93-104 and reading the “The Lego Movie” review on pages 105-106, do a review of one of your favorite books, movies, video games, or TV shows. DO NOT JUST SUMMARIZE. Make sure you apply the information from the chapter as you analyze and review.
Your analysis should be organized, use transitions, and have a thesis.
Submission: Your response must be a minimum of 250 words. Although I suggest you write and edit the post in Word, copy your response directly into your discussion reply so fellow students can easily read it without needing to open an attachment.


Approximately 250 words