Loretta Ross & Rickie Solinger, Reproductive Justice; An Introduction

The book is free on
is addressing: How are families reflective of particular social arrangements? How
do families navigate those same arrangements?
b. Based on the authors’ or editors’ approach to the issues or any explicitly stated
philosophy, what is the text’s underlying political and social agenda? The answer
to this question should not be: “the book’s subject is…”, but rather, an
identification of what the authors’ or editors’ want. What changes in policy,
practice, or social structures do they want to bring about? What are they trying to
persuade their readers of?
c. How does the text relate to the course reserve readings, lectures or other
materials? Be very explicit— citing other readings, concepts from lectures, films,
or speakers specifically. What does the text add to your understanding of the
issues we are addressing in this course? Just mentioning other materials is not
adequate. You should explain how they relate to the book or vice versa.What does the text suggest about the social contexts, forces, and relations that
shape families? In answering this question, think about what dynamics the author


Approximately 250 words