Management Overview

Pick a topic from the list and discuss it in terms of the concept/theory and application. Support your statements with credible evidence and offer an example.
Include Your Topic Selection, from the list below, at the Top of Your Initial Posting:
Scientific Management.
Administrative Management.
Management Philosophy: Deming’s 14 Points of Management or any of Deming’s philosophies.
Management Philosophy: Drucker’s Management Principles.
Management Philosophy: Donabedian Model to Quality of Care.
You May Also Select Any of Management Type, Theory, or Philosophies long as credible evidence is provided for your selected topic. (Credible evidence includes but is not limited to course readings, and materials from the university’s library.) You will share the information that you learned from your course readings, your peers, and your own research. Assess how your initial understanding of the topic differs from your present views. Define the lessons (minimum 1) learned and provide an outstanding questions (minimum 1) that you still may have on the topic.
A minimum of two APA references with correlating in-text citation are required from the week content.


Approximately 250 words