For your first major writing assignment, you will write a brief memoir. Follow the instructions and steps below to complete this first assignment.
• Identify the topic on which you will write your memoir. Choose from the following:
o Write a general memoir about a meaningful event that shaped who you are. This could be something from your childhood or something more recent.
o Write about a travel event that shaped you in some way.
o Write about a relationship that changed you or how you perceive things.
o Write about an education experience that shaped you.
• No matter the topic, the essay must include the following components:
o An introduction that includes a thesis statement that identifies the meaningful event/relationship/moment that shaped you.
o Body paragraphs that include the key features listed in your textbook: sensory details, dialogue, and transitional phrases.
o A conclusion that includes reflection or analysis.
• General Requirements:
o MLA Document formatting (See posted examples and Purdue OWL).
o 2 – 3 pages in length
o Submit in Turnitin by posted due date.


Approximately 250 words