Module 13 – Darkening Decades: Recovery, Dictators, and Depression, 1920-1939

A) For “ARTifact” Report:
1. Please go to the website, e.g., of the British Museum, a link named – History of the World in 100 Objects.
(Note: some modules will have another museum instead, but the principle will be the same for all).
2. Choose an object (from anywhere in the world) from the period covered in this module (or about 30 years before or after the specific period covered in class in the current week), and present a report about the chosen artifact, with the explanation of the immediate context of the artifact seen in a wider historical context, in about 200 words (if over the word count that is fine need a detailed and eneging response).
Make sure that you pick 1 (one) of the 100 (one hundred) objects listed in the link – not any object that the British Museum has in its collection (which is about 8 million!). Do double-check – the list has literally 100 objects – and only about 1 or 2 will fit the bill for each module (see instructions for this assignment in the module itself).
3. Name the artifact at the top of your report, and present to the reader the artifact and its provenance, including the historical context from which it hails.
4. Your essay-style report is to contain 1 in-text references to the info from the British Museum website (make 1 reference), and at least 1 reference from the relevant information on the period and the artifact from the corresponding era found in your textbook. This textbook reference is to provide wider context or a compare/contrast moment, and cite your source (in-text and later include in the work cited section too).
5. Include the image of the chosen artifact under that.
6. Provide a Work Cited section at the end of the ARTifact Report (for all the cited information you used in the report and the source of your image. See examples for this in Originality, Citation, and Format. (Citation sources are provided)


Approximately 250 words