Module 3 Reading Discussion

Reading: Chapter 5 and 6
Reading assignments involve the following:
Read the assigned chapters. You can see which chapters we’re discussing at the top of each module overview page and each reading discussion assignment.
Choose a second source. Each chapter has a list of sources. Select one of these to read or listen to, with the goal of connecting the ideas in the assigned chapters to the ideas in the second source. Sources may include:
One of the research papers cited. You do not need to understand every word of the research paper in detail; instead, your goal is to understand what question the paper posed and what answer is found. Read the introduction and conclusion first, and if you need more information to understand them, read the middle sections of the paper. The links in the chapters should work on campus; to access these when you are away from campus, use the UW Libraries off-campus proxy (Links to an external site.).
A chapter from one of the books cited. You do not need to read the whole book; read the book’s Introduction or the 1st chapter. To access these, you may be able to find excerpts on Google Books or the digital copies at UW Libraries; some books are freely available online if you search. Expect to do a bit of work to retrieve the book text. But it’s worth it! Books can be far more engaging than research papers.
A podcast. Many chapters include a list of relevant podcasts, most of which have transcripts. Listen to the podcast or read its transcript. All of these should be available for free and range from 20-60 minutes in length.
Participate in a Reading Discussion.
Write a post reflecting on what you have learned from ONE of the two assigned chapters. Your initial post should include four short paragraphs, responding to these four prompts:
Paragraph 1. Name the chapter you are selecting for your reflection. What was an idea you found interesting, surprising, or confusing in the Foundations of Information chapter you chose? Describe the idea and why it resulted in one or more of these reactions.
Paragraph 2. In your additional source, what was an idea that you found interesting, surprising, or confusing? Describe the idea and why it resulted in one or more of these reactions.
Paragraph 3. What was one connection you observed between the assigned chapter and your additional source? Describe the connection. Connections might be a similar idea, conflicting ideas, or other themes.
Paragraph 4. What are one or more questions that you would like to discuss with your classmates and/or teaching team? These might be asking for more depth about an idea, for clarification about a confusing idea, or for other curiosities. These questions will invite discussion among your classmates and are required to earn credit for your initial discussion post.


Approximately 250 words