Business and Management

My business Management approach is to work along side my subordinates rather than over them

Throughout your dissertation journey, you will have to write many academic papers that meet APA current standards. Earlier in this unit you had the chance to lean and review APA formatting. Utilizing current APA formatting requirements, prepare a double-spaced research paper describing your personal view on management and leadership philosophy. This paper should be related to your own experience and include relationships between theory and practice. Remember to utilize peer-reviewed references to support ideas expressed in your paper. CUW electronic resources can be accessed via the Rincker Memorial Library. Your paper should address the following points.
Explain how your professional view of leadership and management, and how they align with scholarship.
Describe characteristics, traits, values, and competencies that align with successful business leaders.
Explain how the scholarly study of leadership and management is important to business organizations (healthcare and non-profit is also appropriate)
Important Note:
For this assignment use the PsycInfo database for an empirical article in your field of interest.
PsycInfo is an authoritative database providing interdisciplinary coverage on most topics, and it should be used first.
Following PsycInfo, students can find subject-specific databases at the DBA Program Database page along with the CUW library research guide page (
It is important to note that some of the library videos reference “Primo” which is CUW’s general library search engine. Primo is suitable for most students and programs, but given the specific need to find and use empirical research articles, it is necessary for doctoral students to use a Subject-Specific database. The DBA program suggests students use PsycInfo as one of the main empirical research databases.
Writing Requirement
Minimum of 5 double-spaced pages. The cover page and reference page(s) do not count for the page minimum.
Follow current APA formatting requirements
Include a title page
Include a minimum of 5 appropriate scholarly resources
The assignment will be graded per the Assignment and Program Assessment Rubric.pdf Assignment and Program Assessment Rubric.pdf – Alternative Formats
Submit your assignment by Sunday, 11:59 PM (CST) during week 1.


Approximately 250 words