Nursing Role in Healthcare Reformation

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By Maribel
Nursing Role in Healthcare Reformation
Nurses play a crucial role in prescription drug pricing, the COVID vaccination mandate, and telemedicine as the healthcare system’s advocates for reformation. Nurses’ roles directly impact their families and patients (Heinen et al., 2019). Using the COVID vaccination mandate case study, nurses can recommend healthcare system transformation, and due to their effort, healthcare providers are all expected to get vaccinated. Lives are saved, and the virus propagation, as a result, gets slowed down. Further, nurses have worked hard to enhance telemedicine in the healthcare system because they believe it can improve healthcare access.
They have significantly impacted the growth of telemedicine in the past years. Nurses have also advocated for prescription drug costs to defend the need for reformation in the healthcare system. This is because the families and the patients are impacted directly by the prescription drugs’ high cost (Stucky et al., 2021). The prices of prescription drugs have, as a result, been lowered. For example, these efforts have resulted in an overall reduction of prescription medication in the United States. In general, nurses have a unique view of the effect of healthcare policies on families and positions due to their position.


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