Nutrition and Health

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Step 1: Log a typical meal. A meal in this case consists of at least three different foods.
Food labels do not need to be provided for this assignment.
Do not use packaged all-in-one meals for this exercise.
Step 2: Obtain the caloric values for each food item.
Do not use the calories provided on the label as an answer. Follow the same steps utilized in NAA 2 to obtain the total caloric value for each macronutrient.
Do not utilize an app. Demonstrate the calculations.
Step 3: Determine the percentage value of each macronutrient for the entire meal.
Do not demonstrate the percentages for each food unless this will help demonstrate the percentages for the whole meal.
Step 4: Provide a current nutrition-related health goal, and briefly discuss whether the meal assists or hinders the goal provided.


Approximately 250 words