OBJECTIVE: Understand and perform Strategic Planning

ISM 6026 – Management of Information Systems & Technology
Class Assignment 1
10 points
OBJECTIVE: Understand and perform Strategic Planning
GOAL: Create a fictitious company and give a suitable name.
TASK: Write a report providing the following information for your company.
1. Company Name
2. Vision – Should refer to the end result of your business (maximum 2 sentences) (1 point)
3. Mission – Different to a vision, your mission should explain the reason your company
exists. (at least 2 to 3 sentences) (1 point)
4. Objectives – What are you going to do — what are the goals that will lead to the
accomplishment of your mission and your vision? (at least 3 to 4 sentences) (1 point)
5. Business Strategy – Which of the three generic strategies (cost leadership, focus or
differentiation) would you use? and why? (at least 6 to 7 sentences) (2 points)
6. IS Strategy – What plan will you use to provide information services? Hint: See IS
Strategy matrix on page 28 textbook and provide the strategies you will be using for
each of the fields. You must present this in a table form. (2 points)
7. Strategic Planning Model
a. Which one of the following models will you use to align your Business Strategy
with the IS Strategy and why? (at least 6 to 7 sentences) (1 point)
i. Porter’s five competitive forces model
ii. Porter’s value chain (internal operations) Model
iii. Resource based view model
iv. Strategic Alliances
v. Co-opetition Model
b. Explain the model you selected above for your business by strategically
presenting it in a ‘model form’ (block diagram) and explain each component of
the diagram in at least 3 to 4 sentences. (2 points)
Note: For models that do not have a block diagram such as strategic alliance and
Co-opetition model – you can create your own block diagram, or you can
research on web and look for some sample diagrams showing the components.
DELIVERABLE: a single file (PDF preferred)
Formatting rules and guidelines
– Your report must include at least one table (IS strategy) and one diagram (strategic
planning model)
– You can include additional figures (including a logo for the company) throughout the
– Add references (books, papers, websites, etc.) in a “References” section at the end of
the report.
– No requirements re: font choices, font size, spacing, margins, reference/citation
formatting, etc.
– The total word count will probably be between 500 and 1000 words, but there are no
strict requirements in that regard.
Please reach out to me (preferably via Canvas Discussion board) if you have any questions.


Approximately 250 words