Observation Journal

Ask a friend, family member, or colleague to participate in a small experiment. You will present divided attention tasks for the participant, observe the tasks, and report your findings in a journal submission.
Include the following in your journal:
Ask the participant to perform a task on his or her cell phone (e.g., play a game, read an email, or text someone) while you describe in detail your favorite breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu. Once finished with your description, ask the participant to repeat the entire menu, and note the accuracy and inaccuracy.
Elaborate on the participant’s divided attention capability. How well did she or he perform? At what point did he or she begin to make errors?
Discuss how the participant performed on the breakfast vs. dinner menu items. Did he or she recall less items as the task became more difficult?
Speculate on how well this participant might drive a vehicle while simultaneously responding to a text message.
Please cite, and the upload document
Goldstein, E. B. (2019). Cognitive psychology: Connecting mind, research, and everyday experience (5th ed.).
Chapter 3: Perception
Chapter 4: Attention


Approximately 250 words