Open book writing (only allowed to use attached materials)

This is open book writing the question will be posted on Feburary 16th at 8:30 am It will be available for 2 hours so You must be online and only allowed to use the materials attached below, also no plagiarism.
(If you use other than the attached materials won’t pay)
*Make sure you read and watch all the materials below before the deadline*
Instructions for the open book:
You will have to choose two
questions from a list;
each question covers multiple parts of the materials provided. Each
answer should be around 700 words.
What do to:
-Select two questions.
-Identify clearly to which questions you provide an answer.
-Each answer should be around 700 words
-Position is supported with thoroughly developed details. A relevant position/thesis
is clearly stated. Superior recall of factual content; organized in a thoughtful and
effective manner.
-You must also provide properly formatted references (only allowed the provided materials)


Approximately 250 words