Business and Management

Operations and Logistics

Assignment 1 – Provides an inside into my industry and business
Assignment 3 brief – Provides detailed instructions on the assignement
Operations and Logistics Lessons 1, 2 and 4 – Topics for assignment 3
Microsoft Power BI, Dynamic Capabilities and Lean and Agile Procurement – All topics for Assignment 3
Course book – Gardiner, D., & Reefke, H. (2020). Operations management for business excellence: Building sustainable supply chains (4th ed.). Routledge
Learning Outcomes
LO1: Apply the concept of a value chain to businesses/case studies;
LO2: Identify and evaluate alternative logistics and operations value chain drivers;
LO3: Critique the effectiveness and efficiency of logistics and operations functions of an organisation’s supply chain;
LO4: Evaluate the logistics and operations management challenges at tactical, operational and strategic levels.
Recommended Readings
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