Park Precedent Study

Three precedent studies are to be undertaken regarding landscape design projects of the students choosing. Any landscape or park project may be selected anywhere in the world so long as the work is completed. These precedent studies should examine a project or element of a project that directly relates to the overall concept, materials or approach to the project the student is undertaking in their own work
– A minimum of 3 images of the project that is representative of why the project was chosen
– The name of the project
– The location of the project
– The year the project was completed
– The size of the project
– The name of the design team for the project (this should include all design firms involved)
– A clear description of each project explaining what the project is all about and the reason why you chose the project.
Each student is to submit three precedent studies as a single, 3 page
first park precedent:
second park precedent:
third park precedent:


Approximately 250 words