Business and Management

Peer Review Workshop

After drafting the designated section of the final project for the workshop and posting it to the discussion topic, students are required to critique two peer
drafts, providing substantive feedback and discussion.
Reply feedback to Michelle Goebel and Sharon Spiller post.
As a Reviewer:
Take the time to read the drafts thoroughly. Refer to the Final Project Document as you review your peers’ work. You might want to read
through each component in its entirety and then jot down your first impressions. Then, you will want to read it a second (and even a third) time
to develop your critique.
You are critiquing the work, not the person. Your goal is to help the author achieve his or her goal. The critique should start with the strengths of
the work. What works and why? Identify at least two places in which the writer does something successfully, and provide concrete examples.
Next, suggest any areas for revision. Keep the tone positive and provide concrete suggestions forrevision
The final comment should be an overall summary of the piece and your impressions, focusing on thepositive.
As the Author:
1. Listen to (or read) the critique carefully, avoiding any desire to defend your interpretation.
2. If you are unclear what the reviewer means, ask him or her toclarify.
3. If you have any questions after hearing/reading the critique, feel free to pose them to the group.
4. Thank the reviewers for their feedback and address any questions/comments that your peers may have posed of your work.
5. Remember, it is your writing. Your peers may have approached the same topic differently. However, do not just dismiss suggestions out of hand.
6. Accept that negative feedback comes with the territory. Your job is not to make everyone happy but to make your writing the best that it can be.


Approximately 250 words