Personal Response

Watch the three videos.
Give a personal response to the three videos in one response paragraph. See annotated example in module.
1. In your response, include any similarities that you see among the three experiences.
2. Your first sentence should state the main point you wish to make in your response; then support that point throughout the rest of the paragraph.
3. Use first and third person voice. No second person (No you or your types of pronouns).
4. Incorporate a minimum of one quote or paraphrase from each video to support your response.
5. Add in-text citation and Works Cited page for the three videos.
6. Write in the present tense.
Format: MLA Formatting with header, double spacing, 1″ margins, 12 Point Times New Roman font, and title. See “Annotated Example” in Module and video.
Length: Minimum of one double spaced page – one paragraph.
Response suggestions.
What do you think is the point or purpose of the videos?
Do you think the videos achieved that purpose?
Describe any similarities that you found in the videos.
What did you find interesting in the videos?
What did you think of the messages in the videos?
Incorporate your personal response to the video. Did any of these stories have an impact on you? If so, how.
Did you think the videos adequately demonstrated any contemporary global events or customs.
Did you find gain a unique global perspective from the videos? If so, in what way.
Other comments that you would like to add.
After you type, revise, edit and proof your response, submit it to discussion forum by due date; then reply to two students per instructions in discussion forum.
Please review the following (3) links:


Approximately 250 words