Business and Management

Personal Statement (Apply for master’s degree in business and sustainability)

Personal statement Requirement
Please check the programme details before writing; Programme link:
Personal profile, see the attached CV for reference
Please write no less than 700 words (British English spelling); the statement should be a coherent piece of writing which addresses the following questions effectively:
What inspires you to take a master’s degree in business and sustainability?
Do you have relavant experience or skills that support you to pursue the programme?
Why do you think the programme is suitable for you?
What do you expect to gain from the programme?
How will this programme help you pursue your academic interests and career goals?
How would you contribute to the programme after being admitted.
NOTE: While addressing question 2, please don’t simply list the internship experiences from CV by bulletin points, you need to link each experience to the concept of sustainability in business, elaborating what insights you developed from the experience that associated with sustainability.


Approximately 250 words