Social work

Personal statement questions

Are you availble to answer 2 questions questions?
Instructions: Answer the questions below in a double-spaced response. Responses should demonstrate your professional judgement and critical thinking. Failure to address all prompts will affect your overall application.
1. Draw from your own paid employment, volunteer work, or personal experiences to provide examples of how you handled situations as noted in (a) and (b) below. Make sure not to use names or information that might violate the confidentiality of the individuals you decide to use in your descriptions. For both (a) and (b), be sure to explain how you may have grown or learned from the experiences you describe.
a. Cleary describe a situation where you were confronted with a value or ethical dilemma. (500 words) How did you resolve it? What were some of the factors you considered in making your decision? If you have never confronted a value or ethical dilemma, on what knowledge would you consider relying on to help you address and resolve one?
b. Discuss a difficult or dangerous situation you encountered. (500 words) How did you handle the situation? What would you do differently in the future and why? Are there any situations in which you would feel particularly vulnerable as a student? How would you expect the School of Social Work to assist your education and skill building concerns in order to handle that type of situation?


Approximately 250 words