Pharm 1

choose one of the topic options below and write a 400-word (minimum) evidence-based summary to include topic-specific pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics, special considerations, precautions, and pertinent patient teaching and follow-up. Include a minimum of 3 resources (i.e. research, EBP, clinical guidelines). Post to EBP Discussion #1 (faculty will evaluate assignments directly from the session discussion). The summary is due to be posted to the session discussion by midnight on the first Sunday of the session.
Choose 1 of the following topic option and post a summary:
An agent utilized for the treatment of a disorder for one of the following populations: pediatric, pregnancy/lactating, or geriatric; or
Ethical, legal, and/or cultural considerations related to prescribing for a chosen special, diverse, or vulnerable population; or
Pharmacogenetics and prescribing.


Approximately 250 words