NURS 510 dis 2
What are the barriers to nurses’ participation in the development of health care policy at the state or national level or in an organization in the United States? Why do you think these are barriers? Support your opinion with a rationale or example.
NURS 510 discussion 1 reply to Mckenna
As we know, healthcare in America is critical and has been a huge issue for decades. This topic seems to stem from a wide variety of controversial issues. If an individual does not have healthcare, then the individual is likely not being treated. Most people without healthcare won’t even go to an ER or primary care physician to get help due to the fear of bills they might accumulate. My position stands on healthcare being a privilege not a right, even though I was once in the position of not having healthcare due to my family situation. I say this lightly because I do see both sides of it after becoming a nurse. I find it important that individuals have the resources they need from the government in order to qualify for healthcare. This can be done with what is currently being used for assistance including medicare, and medicaid if needed. I believe that self reliability and hard work are absolutely key to obtaining healthcare in the USA.
NURS 510 discussion reply to Megan
Sadly, in the acute care setting, I see much evidence of the exact opposite. I see many patients that don’t take responsibility for their body, their health, or their actions. It is difficult to see these people in the ICU when they are reaping the consequences of their own non-compliance. It makes me think of the saying that you can lead the horse to the water but you can’t force it to drink. I think of this free preventative program in which valuable resources may be wasted by individuals that start the program and then are non-compliant and don’t follow through. What kind of consequences of breaching that contract would they receive? Is there a penalty, other than their declining health, that they would receive for their non-compliance? Being dropped from the free program, yes, but that just puts them right back where they started at no cost to them, but at a cost to the free program or taxpayers. I do not feel that it is the responsibility of the taxpayers to have increases to fund such programs for these individuals. It was interesting to read the documentation you provided that individuals are already paying higher insurance premiums based on benchmarks of “unhealthy.” I agree with you when you say that you hope this trend continues.


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