Policy Issue Paper | Milestone #1: Statement

You will select a contemporary policy problem related to one of the larger policy areas outlined in the textbook (Chapters 10-15) to guide your Policy Issue Paper from:
Christopher A. Simon (2017). Public Policy: Preferences and Outcomes. 3rd Edition. New York: Routledge.
Submit a one paragraph statement about which policy area or problem you intend to examine and 5 references. This will be the basis of your first presentation.
Your selected policy problem should be narrowly defined so as to make the paper more manageable.
For example, if you are interested in environmental policy, then you should select a problem such as “improving groundwater quality for farmers in the Cumberland Valley” rather than “improving global water quality.” The more narrowly defined the problem, the more manageable will be writing the paper. In order to help facilitate a quality paper, your policy issue paper will be “turned in” for assessment at several critical points throughout the semester.
GRADING CRITERIA: For grading complete details, please review the attached rubric. The following criteria will be used to evaluate submissions.
Writing quality: Did you take your policy issue to task? Demonstrate that you have clearly thought about the material and raise interesting arguments, solutions, and/or problems that respond to the instructions/questions on the prompt.
Writing clarity: Was the paper readable and well organized? Clear of grammatical and spelling errors, organized, and flows well.
References: Did you use appropriate readings and or other course materials in your work? Reference evidence with consistent & accurate use of citations* both in-text and in a bibliography at the end. Assignment prompt is for 5 quality references.


Approximately 250 words