Policy Issue Paper | Presentation #1: Policy Problem Background & Summary

STEP 1: You will deliver a presentation summarizing the background of the policy problem you selected for your Policy Issue Paper. While elements of this background will be included in your final oral briefing (Presentation 3), this presentation will be solely dedicated to the policy problem background. This will be a detailed summary describing the problem, prior efforts to solve the problem, the significance of the policy problem, and why there is a need for analysis. You should use this presentation as an opportunity to get as much feedback from your classmates and instructor to help you improve your Policy Issue Paper and oral briefing (Presentation 3).
Additionally, generate a set of at least three PowerPoint slides and a set of accompanying speaker notes and summary. You are free to use any citation style but be consistent and accurate.
STEP 2: Provide peer feedback to at least two of your classmates. You are free to submit your peer feedback to the discussion board
You will submit these items via the discussion board assignment


Approximately 250 words