Prepare Problem and Purpose Statements

As you learned this week, most educational areas of topical interest can be the subject of either theoretical (basic/fundamental) or applied research, but the research must align with your degree program.
For this assignment, you will consider your area of interest from both theoretical and applied research approaches. In light of what you learned about the differential focus and scope of EdD and PhD dissertation research and the role of problem and purpose statements in research, write problem statement and purpose statement sentences from both research foci.
Then, make sure to use all of the information you have learned from the course, textbook, and the resources provided for this assignment to develop the statement of the problem into two complete paragraphs of no more than 250-300 words and cite the relevant literature that supports this ongoing problem of inquiry.
Organize your work as follows:
Section 1: Find one dissertation in the library ProQuest database, find the problem statement, then assess the problem statement in one paragraph. Make sure your assessment includes the specific problem sentence and whether this sentence fits the requirements for a strong problem statement as indicated in the lesson materials and resources for the week; be sure to specifically discuss why or why not.
Section 2: A one-paragraph summary of your topical area of interest
Section 3: A side-by-side (example below) presentation of problem and purpose statement sentences for your potential study, from both a theoretical (basic/fundamental-PhD) and applied (EdD and EdS) focus. ( this needs to be a table


Approximately 250 words