Prevention and Community Health: Research Paper

Imagine that you are currently working in a Community Health Center and have been asked to recommend a screening guideline that could be used in the facility. You are aware of the clinic demographics and the types of clients that regularly utilize the facility. You also have data about the most frequent diagnoses and conditions. Your assignment is to develop a research paper that will support your decision-making for this screening guideline Imagine that you will attend an internal meeting and to explain to other professionals why the screening is necessary and what research supports the use of the screening that you have chosen. You will choose the screening from the US Preventative Services Task force and therefore this screening has already been backed by plenty of valid and scientific research. Your task is to gather this information, analyze this information and present it in your paper. During the final class you will give a three to five minute presentation to explain the screening you chose and what you learned.
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Navigate the site and find information to help you understand the Published Screening recommendations.


Approximately 250 words