Professional nursing

This is an individual assignment. Please complete and submit your own mini-paper.
Create a table similar to the one in Finkelman p.19 adding a third column to the right. Give the new column the heading “My Practice.” Using information from your readings and the table, write a one to two page mini-paper arguing nursing as a profession or occupation. Include your table after your reference page (see APA Manual Chapter 7 for details on constructing a table).
Use the attached grading rubric as a guide while writing this paper. This paper is to be written in APA Format 7th edition ONLY!
In the last column, briefly jot down your perception of your nursing practice in terms of the items in column one of the Table 1-1 on p. 19. Then decide which you match up more with. Do you think nursing is an occupation, or is it a career? Use that to help get your thoughts going as you write your mini-paper.
A Title Page will be required for this Paper. Please use the Student Title Page format described on page 30, not the Professional style. An example is on page 32. You do not need to use an Author Note.


Approximately 250 words