You have been asked to speak with Nursing Students about Baltes’s Lifespan Perspective. Choose 3 of Baltes’s 5 principles that you intend to discuss with the class. In your presentation, be sure to discuss professional and/or personal examples from the principles that you have selected. Additionally, provide examples of age-graded, history-graded, and non-normative graded influences. Explain the importance of this information as it relates to the field of Nursing.
In your own words, describe in detail ONE of the following theories on development: Psychoanalytic (Freud & Erikson), Learning (Behaviorism & Social Learning), Cognitive (Piaget & Vygotsky), or Contextual (Bronfenbrenner). How might this theory help inform your nursing practice during one of the developmental periods of the lifespan? Be sure to identify one developmental period and provide at least one example.
Think about and provide a brief description of your previous developmental stage and your current developmental stage. What has changed in the different areas of domain (physical, psychosocial, and cognitive)? If you don’t want to use yourself, consider someone you know very well and use an alias if you prefer.


Approximately 250 words