Realm of public safety

Directions: For this assignment you are to do the following:
Pick a topic in the realm of public safety. You will want this topic to be something that has a minimal number of variables, is interesting, is simple enough for the scope of this class and not repetitive of published research. Think about this carefully. You will want to be specific with a topic that can be scientifically evaluated. Briefly describe your topic in the first paragraph.
Develop and state your research question in the second paragraph. This must be in the form of a specific question. This question must be measurable and will be used to develop your unique research investigation. This question will be used to develop the parameters for the next two assignments. In the final assignment, much of your grade will depend on how you propose to scientifically answer this question. Briefly substantiate the importance of the topic. You want to emphasize how the specific point(s) you include in your question are measurable.
Identify two variables in your proposed research (there may be more). Identify what you believe to be the independent and dependent variables.
Briefly define your variables. You may refer to existing research to determine how similar variables are defined.
Format Requirements:
Answer in the order listed. Paragraph headings must be used for clarity.
You must cite any and all information obtained from other sources using APA formatting, this includes a cover and reference page.


Approximately 250 words