The purpose of this pre-badge assessment is to help us assess the state of your knowledge of emotional intelligence and how it applies to your own studies or career before you begin the badge.
In about 600 words, develop a response that answers the following questions. Write the as if you were writing to a prospective employer. Be as specific as you can, giving specific examples where applicable.
1. How would you define the four components of emotional intelligence (self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management) and how would you rate yourself in each? For each component, give examples you would be willing to share in a public context. Be sure to give yourself a rating in each of the four components.
2. How does emotional intelligence apply to your success in college?
3. How will emotional intelligence apply to your success post-college; or if you are already working, how does emotional intelligence apply to your behavior in the workplace?
4. How will increasing your EI make you a more valuable employee, or a more successful student?


Approximately 250 words