Reflection: Nursing Theory, practice, and components.

For this reflection, submit your answers to the three questions below with a minimum of one reference in the reference list.
Reflective Journals do not need to be in the APA template but if you choose to do so, the formatting must be correct.
Using the following headings:
A good introduction typically begins with a few general sentences about the topic (three to four) followed by a purpose. One example of a purpose sentence for this assignment is: The purpose of this paper is to discuss the development, usefulness and history and development of nursing theory.
Development & Usefulness
Discuss why it took so long for nursing theory to develop (list at least two references from the readings). Why theory is useful in current practice.
History and Development
Describe a brief history of nursing theory and is there a link between the history and culture of nursing theory development (list a reference).
A good conclusion summarizes the major points in the paper, no references are used in the conclusion. This conclusion should be at least one paragraph long.
List your reference at the bottom of the page.


Approximately 250 words