Research Outline & Sentencing Topic -(Discuss the current discretionary practices with a focus on disproportionate minority contact)

For The Thesis Statement: You are to choose a minority group that you assert is disproportionately represented at a particular decision making point. It appears your decision making point is sentencing. Be sure to choose a specific minority group. You may choose one from the classifications you note (ex. African Americans). Be sure to include your theory as to why.
Also, I Need For You To Write An Outline For This Research Paper According To The Sample Outline I Have Uploaded.
I have uploaded A Sample of This Assignment Research Outline Should Look Like And The Instructions/Direction For Writing This Paper
You Will Need To Send Me A Rough Draft Of This Paper Before The Due Date (Preferably Later Today), So That I Can Send To My Professor To Review And Check For Plagiarism!
You will need:
1 (one) credible source from a scholarly, peer-reviewed journal article,
1 (one) source from a credible government/professional organization
Additional resource. Utilize the Criminal Justice 101 Research Assignment Library Guide to locate appropriate sources. Also, review the CCBC Library Guide created for this assignment. The library guide can be found at:
Here are a link of Resources if You Want To Check It Out:


Approximately 250 words