Research Paper Assignment

In this assignment, you will select one (1) topic: a serial murderer or a policy. Whichever topic is selected, an introduction to the
individual or policy should be detailed followed by a 11-14 page analysis of the theories that might be used to explain or support
the individual’s move into criminality or the underpinnings of the policy. The paper (a total of 16-18 pages) should incorporate a
Christian Worldview throughout or have a specific section of dedicated to Christian Worldview. It is extremely important that you
keep the paper between 16-18 page requirement. Each paper must be thorough but not exhaustive. At least 15-20 sources,
including the Holy Bible and no more than 2 books, must be used and cited. The paper must be written in the current APA format.
Please use this site as a guide to properly format the entire paper:
Please adhere to current APA guidelines and do not exceed the paper’s page limit.
Also, I would like a draft of the assignment; please proofread for common spelling, grammatical, and punctuation errors before submitting the final assignment. (I prefer Grammarly or a similar program.)
Finally, submit a plagiarism report.


Approximately 250 words