Research Project FIN 602

Please kindly go thoroughly in the attached files because it is well detailed on what I needed. Below is just a tip of how it may look like. God bless you for your time and patience and hope to get a great work from you. Peace and love
Am to pick any giant corporation that is both widely and publicly traded. The firm should have at least FIVE years of publicly available data. Am to write an honest opinion base on a well detailed SWOT analysis, a complete FINANCIAL analysis covering THREE years of financial statements , and an INTRINSIC common stock value. In addition I need to make up a recommendations on what the company is doing well or what it can do to improve its sales or profit. Submission Instructions:
1) Cover page with my name, course number, my instructor, date, subject and a brief statement that I and I alone produced the paper and all references are mentioned.
2) Executive Summary( 3-4 pages in BOLD)
3) Table of contents
4) SWOT analysis (1) strength, (2) weakness (3) opportunities (4) threats (5) financial analysis (6) conclusion
5) References
In addition to the above I need to submit a well-organized, clearly labeled EXCEL spreadsheet that includes FINANCIAL RATIONS AND INTRINSIC STOCK VALUES.


Approximately 250 words