resources assignment

Please read ALL the instructions, I sent in pictures of the details and criteria please follow it. I also sent in an example picture for the assignment. I have to have 16 resources and 5 of them are already listed and mandatory. I need 16. Please read thoroughly.
As a provider working with families who have a child on the autism spectrum, or autistic adults, these individuals often rely on you to help them navigate critical periods such as diagnosis and transitioning. Physicians are often the first provider a family encounters when learning their child has developmental delays, but as a therapist (speech, behavior, autism, occupational, etc.), psychologist, case manager, or family advocate, you are likely to be the family’s ongoing service provider with whom they have come to rely on for information. School personnel also help families understand the transition periods, either when children transition out of early intervention and attend school, or when they are ready to transition out of the special education system into postsecondary education or the workforce.
You are responsible for gathering 16 community resources for an autistic person across the lifespan. Beginning with early intervention, provide a family with the information on the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, IDEA and the Part C services that are available to children from birth to age 3. As you gather information on other resources appropriate for the childhood period, begin to think about what an autistic adolescent or adult might need from their community and research those resources. These resources should be presented as a list of recommendations that are several sentences long and provide an explanation of why it is recommended and where the family can go to find the service. Provide phone numbers, websites, and addresses when necessary (i.e., providing a family with contact information to a local ABA clinic). Sometimes, you find helpful handouts on the Internet that correspond to a specific service. If you find one, attach it to your assignment.
Of the 16 recommendations, there are five required recommendations.
Early Intervention Part C State System. Consult to help you determine the correct early intervention provider in your area.
Part B Public School Special Education. This should be your local public school system and the special education department within it.
A postsecondary educational recommendation
Employment information
Financial assistance
Each recommendation must answer the following questions:
What is it?
Why is it important for someone with autism?
How does the family find out more information (i.e., website, phone number)?
Be sure to personalize the recommendations to the family. Let them know why it is important.
Don’t use jargon or acronyms without explaining it.
Don’t copy and paste description of resources directly from the internet.
Even though you might know classmates who have completed this assignment in the past, don’t rely on the fact that they got it right even if they received a good grade.
Give the family enough information about the resource so that they don’t have to go searching for more.
If you want to recommend several centers that provide the same type of service (i.e. ABA clinics) then that only counts as one recommendation with multiple contacts. It is great to give the family options, but they need to be separate ideas.
You are to upload your assignment as a Word document using 12pt. Times New Roman Font, and please remember to have a cover page. This assignment is worth 100 points. See the Rubric below for how you will be graded.
An outline is provided to help you organize your resources and ensure you find the required recommendations. You must use this outline. As a reminder, you may list more than one resource under each required area (see assignment description below for requirements), but please do not change the headings for the required resources. Any resources that are not categorized under the listed headings can be placed in “Additional Resources,” and you may organize those in any way you want. Also remember to introduce yourself to the family.
Suggestion to Get Started
A good starting point is the Autism Speaks website This website, along with your textbooks, can provide you with ideas of what would be useful for a child/adolescent/adult with ASD, but you should not use this website as one of your 16 resources.


Approximately 250 words