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AJ Jacobs in this TED Talk describes the production process in a positive way. He explained how every step of the process and how he decided to be grateful for each step. From the architects that designed the road to the barista that handed him his coffee.
The production process is important because it covers how to safely, accurately, and efficiently manufacture a product or create/provide a service. This process involves following various steps from the creation of the products to the last step which is selling or handing the product to customers. If one of the steps is missed the customer may not receive or may receive a defective product. I think that the production process brings value to my life every day in every way. From the bed I rest on, to the computer I use to do my homework. Without all the processes and all the people involved, we would not have anything.
Opportunity costs help you make better choices because you calculate the pros and cons of each choice. Every time you decide anything, you also decide not to do something. Opportunity cost is the value you forfeit when choosing one option over another. When you are at the grocery store and must select between two types of soda, that is a straightforward illustration of opportunity cost. The potential cost of choosing your favorite soda is represented by the price difference between both. Opportunity cost is a great tool for choosing how to invest or spend. When calculating opportunity cost, you occasionally need to take into account factors other than just the money you spend in a certain situation. For example, a pizza and a burger are the options that are presented to you. You may only select one. You choose one and forego the other when you do. Your opportunity cost for choosing the pizza would be missing out on the pleasure of the burger. In some cases, you will have to choose whatever you like the most and the cost of it will not be economical.


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